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    Nissan Xterra Reviews: Read 14 candid owner reviews for the Nissan Xterra. Get the real truth from owners like you.

    Nissan's Xterra bugs me, big MAINTENANCEPLATFORMS.PRO source of my discontent is the massive, tubular roof rack and front basket that are the SUV's defining elements. The rack.

    If you like to bring your dog with you we would never deign to bring a dog into a test vehicle , you may need to trade in your Dachshund for something with more vertical leaping ability -- like a Springer Spaniel. And at the low end, it faces daunting competition from gaggle of midsize SUVs which run the gamut from the light-duty, wagon-like Honda CR-V and the cute Toyota Florida sun for you. I bought my Xterra SE used with , miles and one year later with , miles I havent had any problems.

    Nissan Xterra Reliability - Consumer Reports

    The Nissan Xterra is kind of a throwback, a return to those days, a decade or two ago, when sports-utility vehicles were basically trucks. The Xterra is based on the Frontier pickup truck, with its body-on-frame construction and a shift lever for the part-time, four-wheel-drive system sticking up out of the floor. On the other hand, it's bigger and cheaper than those vehicles. So if you're looking for a very basic SUV -- a truck with a covered cargo compartment -- this is the vehicle for you. The Xterra is just a few years old, and fits in Nissan's lineup beneath the aging Pathfinder.

    While clearly cheaper than the Pathfinder, it's not much smaller. It comes in two-wheel- and four-wheel-drive versions. It's pitched at Generation X-ers X-terra, get it?

    We've driven earlier versions of the Xterra, and we must say that the version is much more pleasant to drive. For one thing, it has more power with the available 3. Nissan says this engine produces horsepower, which is 40 more than the regular V6.

    The added power makes the Xterra much more peppy, especially at lower speeds. This engine is a good match for this truck. The standard transmission is a five-speed. A four-speed automatic will set you back another thousand bucks. We're not sure what kind of tinkering Nissan has been doing underneath the car, but the Xterra seems to handle better, too. Make no mistake about it, the Xterra is a tall, narrow vehicle, and as such it feels kind of unsettled if you take a corner too quickly.

    And the ride is a bit bumpy, as befits a vehicle that's actually set up to navigate the unpaved part of the world. Even so, it feels more polished and less harsh now. The Xterra is, however, noisy. Between the engine's supercharger and the lack of sound deadening, it has a somewhat "McDonnell-Douglass-like" roar whenever you stomp on the gas.

    Would you care, though, if you were something and your priority was a cool looking SUV? In another cost-cutting compromise, the Xterra has the old fashioned "on-demand, four-wheel drive," which means it can't be driven in 4WD on dry pavement. If you leave it in 4WD all the time like you can in an all-wheel-drive vehicle , you -- not your vehicle -- run the risk of ending up in traction.

    This old-fashioned 4WD system undoubtedly helps to keep the Xterra's price down, but it's not as convenient as true all-wheel drive.

    To shift into 4 WD, for example, you need to be driving on a straight road, and under 25 mph. In short, on-demand, four-wheel drive can be less than safe than AWD if it's used incorrectly -- which it often is. The Xterra's pickup truck origins are apparent as you climb into the driver's seat -- this is a Grade A seam-splitter. The passenger compartment floor and the cargo deck seem especially high off the ground. If you like to bring your dog with you we would never deign to bring a dog into a test vehicle , you may need to trade in your Dachshund for something with more vertical leaping ability -- like a Springer Spaniel.

    Once you make the ascent, you'll discover that the interior is a pretty comfortable place. The seat itself is fairly low and close to the floor. But there's adequate room in all directions both in the front and in the rear, and the decor is tasteful and basic, not at all tacky.

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