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  • Have a look at this dimensions of a modular IC engine. Modular IC engine Dimensions L - 28″ H - 29″ W - 30 [1] Here the AWD Tesla motor with inverter and.

    Sep 21, Attempting to directly correlate horsepower ratings in petroleum burning vehicles to horsepower in an electric vehicle is a difficult challenge.

    Mar 11, Given that the induction motor is Tesla's namesake, we want to know why. . The reluctance machine is simple, it's efficient, it's compact in size.

    The Model S topped the monthly sales ranking for a third time in March , with 1, units sold, breaking the year-old monthly sales record, surpassing the Ford Sierra , which sold 1, units in May By comparison, the U. Get in contact now. Complaints ranged from minor, such as misaligned doors and squeaky body, to severe - things like total drive train replacement and inoperable door handles. The 70D replaced the 60 and 60D in the Model S lineup, with the latter two models no longer being available for purchase.

    Statistics & Facts on Tesla | Statista

    In , the Model S became the first electric car to top the monthly new car sales ranking in any country, twice leading in Norway, in September and December [18] [19] [20] [21] and also in Denmark in December The Tesla Model S was the top selling plug-in electric car worldwide in and , [24] [26] [27] and by the end of continued to rank as the second most-sold electric car in history after the Nissan Leaf. In February it was reported that Tesla, Inc. This version would have included a gasoline engine to extend the driving range of the vehicle, [32] but it was removed in later revisions.

    Construction of an assembly factory in Albuquerque, New Mexico a central location for shipping was supposed to begin in April , but was cancelled. This third plan was implemented. Tesla said that after three years by June , Model S cars traveled over 1 billion miles 1. The first season is planned to have 20 cars in 10 teams.

    In April , Tesla made minor changes in the Model S. A HEPA cabin air filtration system was added. The standard charger increased from 40 to 48 amps, speeding charging at higher-amperage outlets.

    Two ash wood interior options were added. In May Tesla released source code [48] for the Model S on a github. The battery pack, the electric motor and parts are disassembled and shipped separately to Tilburg, where the cars are reassembled. The first ten customers received their cars at the Fremont factory on June 22, at the official launch. In October , Tesla announced the company is negotiating with the Chinese government on producing its electric cars domestically.

    Local production has the potential to reduce the sales prices of Tesla models by a third. The Model S exists in several versions, differing in energy capacity battery size , power motor size , and equipment.

    The rear axle has a traditional open differential. Models with dual motors also have an open differential on the front axles as well. The front and rear axles have no mechanical linkage — with dual motors, the power distribution among them is controlled electronically. It usually takes just a few minutes, longer in extreme ambient temperatures or after repeated runs. You should expect to wait a minimum of 10 minutes in-between runs. Owners reported many powertrain issues from , improving significantly over the years.

    The 70D replaced the 60 and 60D in the Model S lineup, with the latter two models no longer being available for purchase. The P85 option was also dropped. In the 85D, the rear drive unit is replaced by a smaller one to save on cost and weight, while a second motor of similar size is added to the front wheels. This results in a significant increase in acceleration and top speed. Deliveries of the P85D started in December , with the 85D models starting in February , and the 70D models starting in April The early refresh also offers the "Bioweapon Defense Mode" air filter first offered on the Model X.

    On April 16, , Tesla removed the model 60 and 60D options, since most customers pick the larger kwh battery option. This made the Model S 75 the entry-level Model S. This is also due to other factors such as drag coefficient, weight, motor efficiency and rolling resistance.

    The energy-saving sleep state powers off the display and other vehicle electronics, after the car goes to sleep. This increases the time it takes the touchscreen and instrument panel to become usable. This mode can decrease the loss of the car's range when not being used to 2. Lithium-ion batteries operate best at certain temperatures. Unlike Nissan, Tesla does not specify a limit for battery loss, but some early battery packs have been replaced.

    How does an Electric Car work ?

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