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    The Renault Koleos is a huge step up for the French brand. Can it topple the CX-5, Tiguan and co? It's in the mix, at the very least.

    Renault Koleos [] User Reviews - Read first-hand reviews of actual Renault Koleos [] owners. Find out what buyers of Renault Koleos.

    This engine is capable of providing people with around Very less airflow noise. Error Identifying Your Location. That's not expensive given the equipment and space on offer, but it's also unavoidable.

    Renault Koleos () review | CAR Magazine

    Renault stopped selling, or rather stopped trying to sell, the first Koleos back in And it was thing of spectacular unloveliness in every department. Well, there are three mildly interesting things which make the Koleos stand out in this glutted arena: Firstly, albeit D-segment sized, it will not be available in 7-seat format.

    Secondly, despite diesel's somewhat dodgy current status, there will be no petrol-engined option in the UK. And, thirdly, it sports a CVT transmission that is actually bearable to live with.

    Renault justifies its decision not to consider seven seats on the basis that proportion and styling was more important, rather than 'dressing up the hunchback', and that the addition of an extra tier would simply cramp second-row space. With a mm wheelbase — one of the longest in its class — the argument in favour of rear-seat space has certainly been vindicated.

    But as to proportion and styling I fear most of the effort has gone into the business end, and ensuring that it is the badge that is firmly imprinted on the retina rather than the box that follows. On board, the company's welcome interior design renaissance, which recently reached a degree of SUV maturity in the Kadjar, merely treads water here, rather than advancing further still. Still, build quality seems good, the driving position's fine though you'll have to hoick the seat pretty high to even vaguely locate the front corners of the car , and the front seats just shy of being seriously comfortable.

    And with spacious, easy-fold split rear seats, a power tailgate that may be operated via indolent, under-bumper foot waving, and a total of litres of loadspace, the Koleos cannot be faulted in terms of space or practicality. At launch, the Koleos will be available with a choice of three powertrains featuring two diesel engines; a bhp 1.

    What impresses most about the 2. The Koleos is equipped with the fundamentally soft undercarriage appropriate to a large family cruiser. The upshot is comfortable ride which, though admirable for motorway work, has a tendency to float over larger undulations and allow a certain degree of body roll through the corners. Closer scrutiny, however, does unearth a little gristle in the blancmange; a little too much nugget in the information the suspension communicates - particularly at lower speeds - about smaller road surface imperfections and other assorted divots.

    Largely, the Koleos is pleasantly quiet; the clatter of the diesel at idle quickly replaced as speeds rise by the gently over-intrusive thrum of tyres on tarmac and, given its snub-nosed approach to the management of passing air, an inevitable degree of wind noise.

    There's a marked difference in handling characteristics between the 1. Boasting a somewhat rubber band feel, the all-wheel drive 2.

    This, allied to only modest grip levels, a certain amount of body roll and a ground clearance of mm, means the Koleos becomes increasingly grumpy about corners if they follow to soon one after another. Not only does the steering feel better weighted, less artificial and a little more engaging, but, with less powertrain weight in the bows, it's far happier to change direction more than once in the same sentence. Off-road, the Koleos appears to acquit itself with some aplomb.

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