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  • 1 of 40The Pur Sang Bugatti Type 35 looks, drives and feels just like the real thing, but it's made in Argentina instead of Molsheim, France. Also.

    He and his daughter, Caroline Bugatti, each own a Pur Sang. No greater endorsement exists for the authenticity of the engineering, build.

    Bugatti developed a pure material configuration of the characteristic Bugatti two- tone design – that is to say, without a paint MAINTENANCEPLATFORMS.PRO result: Pur Sang.

    How did they make a car with such historically accurate detail? I enjoyed a lot this interesting note about Pur Sang. We have a panel beater doing some of the finest work in our company now and he started at Pur Sang as the groundskeeper on the property, essentially as a gardener. This is how it was. The Bugatti firing order was, to be blunt, not correct.

    Pur Sang Type 35

    Sign up to receive the weekly newsletter featuring the very latest from Petrolicious. Photography By Drew Phillips. How did Pur Sang begin? In the beginning it was the aspirations of one guy that had a car, and then accidentally turned into a small business.

    A lot of these little shops are out there in the world. The reason why I got involved was to correct a pattern where a customer ends up having to wait years on end to take delivery of a product. My direction was also coupled with a desire to see pre-war motorsport revived and see younger people really fall of love with it again. So we moved from having a dozen guys to over on our shop floor. We invested in a lot of additional square footage on our property, machinery, tooling and all of that.

    So that a car that took six to nine months to build became a car that took 30 days to build like in the case of the type It was called the Paris of the South and it is where all the wealthy people in Europe went to get away from war time chaos. You had examples of people going to great lengths to export and re-establish their lifestyle in South America. They were building Europe all over again in Buenos Aires, the architecture attested to that.

    Even entire palaces were shipped over and rebuilt. Everything that made Europe special made it to Argentina. To own something like a Bugatti and to be racing it around the world was as good as it got. A lot of these cars, Bugattis, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo, were delivered new in a pretty impressive quantity to Argentina back in that time. What happened as a side effect is that you have these people who are really far away from Europe, and getting parts or anything from there was a painful process.

    This was before you had any air travel down to South America, so you are talking months on a ship to get a car transported from Italy or France to Buenos Aries. Now, if you blow a supercharger in your Type 35, you have a real problem.

    Imagine how frustrating it would be if you had to wait half a year for a new part to arrive from Europe. Things have changed today obviously.

    We have DHL that will get something across the world in 72 hours but back then it was really upon them to figure out how to be resourceful and self-sufficient. You had all these Europeans in South America that had to figure out how to be self-sufficient. Pretty serious craftsmanship developed just out of that necessity. What we have today at our disposal is a remnant of that. Are these the sons and grandsons of guys that worked on these cars in period? Over time he really brought the country to a stand-still.

    So in the same way that you see Cuba, you have this preserved time capsule. The same thing happened, all be it to a lesser degree of severity, in Argentina. People had to maintain machines without too much outside assistance. Importation of parts in some cases was illegal.

    As a result, people in Argentina have always been masters at figuring how to keep things running kind of in perpetuity. That culture makes it possible to maintain cars from the s without having it be socially stigmatic. Very early on in our history I began an apprenticeship program to pass the knowledgeable history of the elder employees down to the next generation.

    Pur Sang Hand Built Bugatti Type 35

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